7 Years Millions Of Visitors to Our Customers Websites

7 Years Millions Of Visitors to Our Customers Websites

Now, You Can See & Hear from some of the  people that have advertised their websites listed with Websites On TV...

Now, You Can See & Hear from some of the  people that have advertised their websites listed with Websites On TV...

Here's our current list of TV Programs we  are advertising on where hundreds of thousands of people could be seeing your website and buying your products... 

Here's our current list of TV Programs we  are advertising on where hundreds of thousands of people could be seeing your website and buying your products... 

How To Make Your First $50,000.00 Online

How To Make Your First $50,000.00 Online

To try our TV Advertising enter your best email because that is where we will send our New Members TV Ad Package log in.

To try our TV Advertising enter your best email because that is where we will send our New Members TV Ad Package log in.

Try Our New Member TV Ad Package

Don'twant to see Testimonials or TV Run Schedules?  Then click here to visit our main website

Don'twant to see Testimonials or TV Run Schedules?  Then click here to visit our main website

This is the greatest website marketing system I have ever seen. Websitetv ROCKS

Jari Makivirta

Websites On TV has dramatically increased the traffic and subsequent conversions to my new healthy coffee program.

Wade Torsey

I too, was a struggling internet marketer and spending monies on all those guru programs quick rich and fly me to the bank claims.

Well I met Paul Darby and his exciting new concept in marketing advertising that I had to invest once more in my dream and became website on tv owner.

I am glad I did because I just got a new member! Thanks Paul for having something that is Real and available to anyone that will invest in themselves and follow the business plan besides it's Fun and produces an income.

Bert Kelly

Hi, Paul God Thank You So Much For all Your Help for being there For me Paul this site ROCKS Websites ON TV

I am So happy Paul I have order's in with Pay Members And more coming in and moreon the way..

PAUL When I needed To ask You any thing your always An E-Mail Away For help Websites ON TV is an Opportunity My Members order's say pay I'm So very EXCITED !!

To hear that wow Paid lol This is lifetime Income Thank You Paul

Margarita Zavala

This is one of the most Lucrative Exciting And easy to do program I have ever participated in!

Everyone wins! Makes Money and finally steps into their wealthy place! 7 days of free ads on TV! WOW!

Its a game changer for the average marketer, a gift from heaven for those that are struggling and a secret weapon for the gurus! Either way you look at it you win!!


Hello everybody - I am a Traffic "freak"

It become an obsession of mine to learn all there is to be learned about driving "qualified" traffic to my websites.

So when I heard about Paul's WebsiteOnTv.com business, I jumped on board straight away as I knew his business model will drive thousands of targeted visitors to my websites...

and oh boy am I pleased I joined... Folks don't hesitate and joint today!

Paul Barr0so

Websites On TV is the best advertising business on the internet. Within my first 7 days I have five new signups and I still have one day left. Wow, I am just blown away!

Martin Roper

Life is filled with opportunities, but, you have to know when to take action to reap the benefits!

I've been in and around network marketing for well over 10 years and never, never have I found a business like websites on tv that I can feel proud about representing and offering others something special, real and effective.

I'm grateful for finding this opportunity and to help others to grown whatever business or service they wish to advertise on tv.

Julie Barkley

This is with out a doubt the best advertising system I have ever used. Fantastic television coverage which is worth 1000's of dollars more than you are charged! 10/10!

Jonathan Tyson

Wow Hi, wow today first time looking at Television And I see the Ads there on TV Thanks Paul this lovey websites zillion visitors All ON TV I never seen Nothing like this .. Very happy ....


This is a fantastic service at super affordable pricing. I have always had the cost of advertising nationally be one huge obstacle. Website on TV has turned that "mountain into a molehill!". I look forward to profiting from Websites on TV for years to come!!

Riley Johnson

Paul Darby's Websites On TV has allowed my company to promote our national website across America at a very affordable price! My company "Square Four Corporation" is proud to support this "Unique Service" and at the same time advertise it and profit from being a part of it all at the same time! From Square four Corporation's "EveryTownInAmerica.Com"

We take our hat off to to you Paul Darby and your entire Staff! Thank you ever so much!

Steven Dobrovolskis
owner of Square Four Corporation

Paul Darby and his "Websites On TV" is the greatest advertising I have ever seen! Life does not get any better than this. You just gotta give his 7 day free trial a try! You will never look back at any of the old ,worn out ways of promoting your business

Sincerely Keith Sass

Finally, after years of struggling on the internet, I am making money with a program called Websites On TV. Everyone with a website needs exposure, and what better way to get noticed than on TV.

I can't think of a faster way to get my message in front of thousands of buyers. Thank you Paul... you're Websites On TV program is totally awesome. and the income is not bad either.

Bill Pevey

I'm so excited to have this chance to have our web site on TV. Thank you Paul

Deborah Burnett-Pirrone

I have been an Internet marketer since 1997, in fact, I have been a top-paid speaker all over the world on the subject. NEVER have I created or come across an opportunity so incredibly powerful and quick as Websites on TV! This is simply the most impressive, credible, and lucrative system for advertising websites I have encountered in over a decade and a half.

Lord Ronald M Davies

Hi I just wanted to say that Paul just keeps giving us more bombshells to blast our way into making money, the last one was Websites On TV and now this another goldmine, so if you haven't joined yet ,please take a good hard look at what this is and what it can do for you and your family then join just as I did and be prepared to be blown away again. Thanks for giving us another mindblowing way to succeed Paul.

God bless you and your family

Richard Frederickson

This is an incredible opportunity, advertising our websites on TV and having a referral program to share with other entrepreneurs. Thanks Paul, I must tell everyone!

Kim Baese

WEBSITES ON T.V. has restarted my enthusiasim for my three websites. I thank Pul for bringing me back to life! I was about to give up and call it quits. Now I see money at the end of the tunnel.

William Svoboda Sr

I will be the first to admit that it is very rare very rare indeed, that I have ever took time out to write any kind of testimonial. But since viewing Paul Darby's live Web Event, I thought it only fitting that I should do so.

You see if I going to spend the time to listen to these events, I want to receive and feed on high valued content. In other words the meat of an opportunity not just the sizzle which I've herd time and time again been there, done that got the T-shirt.

I want to be informed only, I do not want to be sold to. Paul really got to the meat regards to what it takes to market online, he said more and I learned more during this event about internet marketing then some of the crap that I have ordered online in the past.

The great news here is he simplified in taking all of the confusion out of what is a complicated subject for many of us still struggling online. The way he broke down the information in such a concise manner really got my attention.

Just hearing Paul in what he is trying to convey in effort, in wanting to support people to become successful.

I could not help but come away with a greater awareness in knowing that the ANSWERS to my struggles with marketing online was always there, right in front of me. It was just hidden from plain view due to all the Guru speech that I had bought into. Listening to all of that which was only disguised as the Truth.

I was wowed and amazed this was not just some oversimplification of how to make money online, this was spot on! Delivered in such away I actually found myself taking notes that sort of thing just doesn't happen. I was meant to hear this information. This is the kind of person Paul is, he is delivering a systematized approach to marketing online a system that can save you time, energy and money.

I can only sum it up like this using the ("6 P's of success formula in business") Mr. Darby through his teachings and his vast experience in marketing will(Prepare you to Plan to Prevent Piss Poor Performance).

It is my belief that what is being offered now with the updates in seeing truly the amazing value that Paul has put together here. In hearing what is coming next for the Websites On TV Advertising platform, will be unparalleled to how we market online. We are all in for a real game changer with this!!

Lester Pierre

Once again Pau Darby has over delivered.Website on Tv is one of thebest advertising resources you can get right now for massive webtraffic to your Business opportunity.

Check it out..you won't regret it.

Ralph Dooley

Hello; I just wanted to say that I don't usually write testimonials, but I just had to let people know how incredible Websites On TV is; and Paul truely does all he can to bring the members his best stuff , he will blow you away with the resources that are in the member's area,so don't be left behind take a look then jump in with both feet you will be glad you did. Thank-you and Thank-you Paul for everything you do.

God Bless
Richard Frederickson

It's amazing how people respond to a well dressed and professional looking man or women when they walk into and establishment, such as when I did during the thanksgiving weekend. I was handing out flyers to the local business owners in my community and what I was expecting was to be greeted at the door with the..."sorry but there's no solicitation of business here sir" but instead I was warmly greeted with a hand shake and a returned warm smile along with the hopes of helping a small local business owner more customers and sales all because of being professional and courteous. Try it, it works!

Regards,Tony Horton

Websites on TV has truly developed a great advertising venue for people to get massive TV exposure. Even a 3 second spot can be seen by the right people at the right time and generate revenue for those who are looking to capitalize on the internet. I love the site and its advantages.

Theresa Chatmon

Websites On Tv is a no brainier I would recommend this website to anyone who wants to expose there site and brand to hundreds of thousands of potential customers overnight and make a substantial income in the process.

Byron Gunter

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE NOW. BRAND NEW TIDAL TECH WAVE (it's really early and going viral as I type this) Websites on TV is IT!

Donna Skinner

Hi just wanted you to know you just got on the best way to advertise your website ON TV guys!!! This is the top Marketing Strategy there is on the planet!!!What are you waiting for??

Sign up now and get your money rooling in from your offers on your website !!!Cheers!!!Make your million with us!

My website on TV.. What a concept. I have seen major companies advertise there websites on TV But never did I imagine I would ever be able to do the same. Now I feel like one of the Big Boys with seeing My own site on TV.

Terry Smith

I am sooooooooooooo excited! I have waited for this opportunity my whole life and here it is! You can be excited too! Up until now, only 'the big guys' could ever dream of advertising on tv because no-one else could afford it. Change has come!Opportunity is knocking and believe me, we can now afford to open the door and be thankful. Come join me! A whole new world awaits!

Lovely Adamczyk

This program is the bomb and I am so existed to be a part of a super company that really gets you to places you never dreamed of in advertising!! Can you think of a better company or a better way of getting your information out there for all to see better than TY. It is the REAL deal

Renne Maria

This is the best website that i have ever come across full of really good info on things that you need to know and all kinds of advertisement on TV ads run. Every body needs this website. If You want to make this is it.


The most sought after product on the world wide web is advertising. This is awesome and will explode your web business like dynamite This is a new replicated system that allows you to operate one of these advertising sites that enables anyone on the planet to put any website they want on some of the biggest television shows or commercials being seen on TV

Tony Kerzman

Hey There Paul Darby and the WORLD, This is the most unbelievably PROFITABLE system I've ever encountered in over 4 years of working an online HOME-BASED business. I can't tell you how much I appreciate being able to truthfully promote a system that performs as advertised and REALLY puts money in my pocket. Goodly sums of money, by the way! I just want to thank you Paul for your vision and your drive to see it come to fruition. This will probably be the very best of your many businesses! Once Again,

Thank You,
Frank W Brown

OMG I have been praying for a solution to get targeted visitors to my sites in a very professional way. When I got home last night I found an e-mail directing me to attend a webinar on how to advertise on TV for pennies on the dollar.

After attending the Webinar I was so excited I could hardly sleep as I could see the credibility this will add to any business. I upgraded in the matter of hours and can hardly wait to see my ad on TV

Mark Fitzpatrick

This is BIGGER than BIG BIGGER than expected and BIGGER than my wildest dreams Paul, You've really hit the jackpot this time!

Keith Darby

Iím involved with Unimax Services and love it. Itís my passion as I get to work with great people as I help others by sharing a service that make people money. thatís super great. NOW Paul has come out with the hottest thing yet putting your website on t.v. you gotta love that, so exciting

Laverne Arsenault

This is the most exciting program I have seen. The potential is only limited to the effort we put into it. Paul has really outdone himself on this program. It looks like anyone who tries can succeed, whether a long time guru or a newbie.

Lawrence Burr

Hi Paul, Well, you have truly OUTDONE Yourself this time! Thank you. This is a rare opportunity that few ever receive and another Internet Marketing Masterpiece. I'm telling everyone "If you missed out on The Dragon Killers Official Launch, you really missed the boat. Get in there NOW! Websites On TV is your next real Money Maker." Keep 'em coming and I'll keep buying!

Your Friend,
Dev Hobbins

This Program is Out Of This World! Paul Darby and Unimax Services have really out done themselves with this. TV is a Huge medium which gets the Good Words Out to Millions! This will be a Very Profitable undertaking for you to get involved with Now! Lots of Fun and Happy Members! Get Your Power going for you Today!

Dian Lewis

My Ship Finally Came In And I Am So Grateful And Blessed. Come and Get Your Blessing..

Runell Packer

I see many, many offers being made to internet marketers every day. Rarely do I ever make a purchase. But when I do, it must be something that I truly see value in. That is why I had no second thoughts about purchasing Paul's offer.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the TV advertising to your websites for dirt cheap! I just cannot believe it.

It works like nothing you have ever seen before. I can guarantee you that! You will basically get your membership for free just by getting a few others to join with you. It's easy. Jsut do it. You'll not regret it.

Corey B.

This testimonial if from one of our other website businesses but we put it here because it shows us all how persistance and dedication can change everything...

Earning an income online was the only option I had left after an illness that left me disabled.

Out of desperation I managed to lose my savings to the so-called Guru's out there that promised me a complete and easy system (business).

After spending my money I often found out that I then needed to spend more money, learn HTML and FTP...download, upload, make a website, get hosting, pay more, pay more and pay more. I'm a point and click kinda gal and I don't know my HTML from my FTP, JAVA and what not.


Then Mr. Paul Darby comes along and tells me to sell my TV is I have to. Well I didn't do that...I have a Visa card. Guess What? In less than 1 week I've earned enough to pay back my Visa card and from this point on I'm purely in PROFIT!!

Thank you...Thank you Mr. Darby God Bless you and everyone you come into contact with.

Sandra Gavel